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product name:Column screen box
product presentation:

Column screen box is composed of integrated box and column The integrated box exists independently by a box, without the need to design the box arrangement diagram, its size can be directly customized according to the LED display area, that is to say, the LED display area can be as big as the box, which is more suitable for the small area of LED screen.

Advantages: with the box assembly module, can make the surface of the screen arrangement more smooth, to achieve the role of shaping and lasting leveling, so as to avoid the direct collage module easy loosening of the screen surface uneven.

Waterproof and beautiful- -LED display back without exposed, using the bag waterproof box, namely waterproof and beautiful.

No conventional size, according to the display area of processing and customization.


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Contact person: Manager Wang    Mobile : +86 13031033390   Mobile : +86 13582714072   Address:Qingxian Industrial Park, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China