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Transparent LED display screen size specifications
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How to calculate the size specifications of transparent LED display screens
When quoting for transparent LED display screens, the manufacturer may inquire about the relevant dimensions (length, height), but some customers are unsure of the specific LED screen size and only provide an approximate area. In this case, how should the size specifications of transparent LED display screens be calculated? Here are examples to illustrate, for the convenience of friends to understand
For example, make a patellar joint with an area of 30 microns? P7.8 (point spacing 7.8mm).
a. Firstly, only the screen area is given here, and we need to calculate the length and width ourselves. Usually calculated in a ratio of length to width=4:3 or 16:9. Because this way, the LED transparent screen has a better display ratio, a better visual effect, and is more in line with the human eye is viewing effect. (Taking 4:3 as an example here)
b. The theoretical screen length is: length=square root of (area ÷ 12) x 4
Width=square root of (area ÷ 12) x 3
Namely: L=6.32m W=4.74m
c. Firstly, the specification of the vClear-7.8 box is 1000 x 500mm
d. Calculate the number of blocks used in the box.
Number of unit boards=pre made screen length or width ÷ board length or width
Number of long unit boards: 6.32 meters x 1000 ÷ 1000=6.32 ≈ 6
Width of unit boards: 4.74 meters x 1000 ÷ 500=9.48 ≈ 9
d. Calculate the actual size of the LED transparent screen.
Actual screen length or width=board length or width x number of boxes used for screen length or width
Actual screen length: 6 x 1000=6000mm, which is 6 meters
Actual screen width: 500 x 9=4500mm, which is 4.5 meters
e. Screen area: 6 x 4.5=27 (square meters)
Originally, LED transparent screens were assembled by a certain number of boxes, and the boxes were designed based on the number of modules, and the size of the modules was fixed. Therefore, the size of LED transparent screens can only be designed arbitrarily according to the size of the modules. Transparent screen manufacturers usually design based on the size and area of the LED transparent screen provided by the customer, and can only try to reach your size as much as possible without too much difference.

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