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Multi functional card type display screen distribu
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Multi functional card type display screen distribution cabinet
Due to the fact that LED display screens are powered by a large number of switching power sources and have capacitive loads, when the screen is started, the instantaneous current is extremely high, which can easily impact the power grid and cause damage to electrical equipment. Therefore, for display screens with a power exceeding 20KW, a distribution cabinet with distributed and step-by-step power on function should be equipped. According to the actual needs of the project, distribution cabinets with remote control function or PLC control function can be selected. Distribution cabinets with PLC control function are more intelligent, and can use touch screen graphic terminals or software to remotely operate the LED display screen and the opening and closing of air conditioning, fans and other equipment inside the screen. Real time data monitoring of voltage, current, temperature, humidity, fire alarms, etc. inside the screen can be carried out, and various emergency plans can be automatically executed to achieve unmanned management of the entire system. It can effectively protect the investment of property owners and save their management costs.
Product features
1. The key components inside the reliable industrial structure cabinet are all made of internationally renowned brand components (such as Schneider, IDEC, Siemens, etc.), and the controller adopts a highly reliable PLC controller. Even if the computer is damaged or communication is interrupted, the entire system can operate independently, ensuring that the entire system is foolproof
2. Diverse control modes: remote touch screen graphic terminal control, remote client software control, on-site manual emergency control
3. Reliable power protection adopts a step-by-step power on mode
4. Convenient task management with multiple scheduled switches for scheduling tasks
5. Flexible project authorization management can encrypt the usage time limit of electrical cabinets corresponding to engineering receivables
6. Scientific handling plan: When the voltage, current, temperature, humidity, fire alarm, intrusion and other data detected by the electrical cabinet exceed the normal value, various linkage actions will be automatically executed to nip various safety hazards in the bud stage, and manual intervention interfaces will be reserved
7. Clear power detection can monitor the power data of the front-end screen both in the near and far ends
8. Diversified environmental monitoring can monitor the screen is power on status, temperature, humidity, smoke, intrusion detection, condensation, water leakage, and other data
9. A comprehensive system management system provides comprehensive management functions such as user permissions, operation logs, and queries for system maintenance and analysis

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