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Troubleshooting methods for low-voltage distributi
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Troubleshooting methods for low-voltage distribution cabinets
With the development of modern society, various electrical equipment continues to emerge, bringing us great convenience, but also bringing a series of accidents and losses. Once the distribution cabinet malfunctions, it will affect safety and even cause power outages. These are all caused by inadequate safety management and inadequate maintenance measures for distribution equipment in daily life.
Low voltage distribution cabinets generally adopt a dual power supply method, usually using two transformers operating simultaneously. Low voltage equipment failures often occur during the summer and autumn seasons of peak electricity consumption, and there are various fault phenomena. Low voltage equipment failures also include two aspects: equipment factors and human factors.
(1) Due to the equipment is own factors and countermeasures, long-term operation of low-voltage equipment can easily cause mechanical structural deformation, incorrect opening of load switch panels, and decreased spring performance that cannot be properly reset. In addition, the auxiliary switch inside the aging load switch of the line is faulty or not in place, and the switch cannot automatically store energy, which directly affects timely power transmission.
Operations and maintenance personnel should develop good habits in daily life, regularly inspect, maintain, and inspect equipment, have a deep understanding of the operating status of load switches, and promptly repair and replace equipment faults if found. Proficient in mastering the performance and mechanical structure of each load switch, as well as the handling methods in case of faults. Operators should receive regular centralized training and observe, operate, and consult more about distribution equipment. Special attention should be paid to observing the load changes during the peak season of electricity consumption, adjusting the rated current value according to the size of the load, and trying to avoid power outages as much as possible.
(2) Human factors and response measures. When operating at low voltage, the operators are not clear headed and do not understand the cause of the malfunction. They do not pay attention to the working condition of the equipment, make mistakes in judgment, and blindly make mistakes, which leads to the expansion of the accident and the inability to restore power for a long time.
The reliable operation of the power distribution system requires special attention to the operation status of the transformer and distribution equipment during daily peak electricity consumption in addition to daily inspections. Because at full load, the signs of faults such as heating, flickering, ignition, noise, and odor in the transformer and distribution equipment are more obvious.
In response to the impact caused by the above human factors, operators should use their brains more, carefully observe the operation status of the equipment, strengthen business learning, continuously improve business skills, proficiently master the operating procedures of the equipment, strive to achieve clear thinking, accurate judgment, strong technical skills, and strong psychological qualities. In the event of an accident, power transmission should be restored in a short time to ensure safety.
The top mounted dehumidification device is a product developed based on the above technologies, taking into account factors such as compact internal space, high environmental humidity, and safe distance of the distribution cabinet equipment. Adopting high-power and high-strength aviation aluminum material as the shell design. This device is installed on the top, and our company adopts ultrasonic atomization technology to forcibly atomize and isolate the condensate water for drainage.

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