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Inspection standards for LED display screen body a
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Inspection standards for LED display screen body and box
In today is increasingly widespread application of LED display screens, display technology has also become more mature with the development of the market economy. LED displays are commonly used in various industries, but non industry professionals still have limited understanding of LED displays. When choosing to purchase, they inevitably encounter many problems. Below, the editor will share with you the inspection standards for the LED display screen and box.
It is necessary to inspect the LED display screen when purchasing. Firstly, from the appearance inspection, it can be preliminarily determined whether there is a problem with the display screen body through visual inspection and hand feel; Secondly, the display screen coating should have no peeling phenomenon; Thirdly, it is necessary to check whether the color of the screen is consistent, or whether there is any color deviation or lack of brightness; Fourthly, the screen screen screen printing content should be clear, complete, and of uniform color, without burrs, defects, tails, or contamination. The specific content, position, pattern, and font size of all screen printing should be described in detail by the corresponding drawings, and the manufacturer should strictly follow the design requirements of the drawings for screen printing. Fifthly, the color should match the sample, and there should be no obvious color difference observed under natural light or fluorescent lamps for normal vision. The same batch of products should have no color difference, and the coating surface should be smooth, flat, and even. The surface should not have any defects such as dry back sticking, particles, bottom leakage, pitting, flower, wrinkling, mechanical damage, etc.
After discussing the inspection standards for the screen, it is time to talk about the inspection standards for the box.
There are many methods for detecting the box of LED display screens, and the tools commonly used include vernier calipers, measuring tapes, and level rulers. The box inspection requires inspectors to strictly inspect the incoming materials of the box according to the design personnel is drawings, and check for any missing or omitted parts. There are six issues to pay attention to during box inspection. Firstly, the deviation of the external dimensions of the LED display box should not exceed 0.5mm, and the difference between the two diagonals should not exceed 1mm; Secondly, check whether the burrs have been removed, whether the sharp corners have been rounded off, and no scraping or stabbing is allowed; Thirdly, each nut and nut post must undergo tooth return treatment to ensure that the screws can be smoothly locked in; Fourthly, check whether the overall assembly requirements of the box are processed truthfully according to the drawings. All accessories (such as locks and hinges) must use existing standard parts, and their mechanical strength and sealing performance must be ensured during assembly; Fifthly, the welding at each welding point of the box must be firm, without any false welding, missing welding or other phenomena. The welding points must be ground flat, and the welding seam needs to be scraped with dust. The treatment process must be strictly standardized, and the welding seam must be polished, sealed and waterproof, smooth and flat without sharp corners; Sixth, after punching and welding the holes of the LED module, the flatness of the front should be ensured, and there should be no warping or deformation of the surrounding panels. The flatness error should be less than 1mm. The size of the positioning holes on the front panel of the box should be strictly controlled, and the aperture size and spacing error should be less than 0.1mm. The X and Y directions of the group hole axis should be on the same straight line, and the straight lines should be perpendicular to the edge of the box, with a perpendicularity of less than 1mm.
The above are the inspection standards for the screen and box that the editor has compiled, hoping to be helpful to friends who are about to purchase display screens or are interested in the display screen industry. Lianchengfa Warm Reminder: When customers purchase LED display screens, it is best to choose a LED display screen manufacturer with a certain scale and a certain reputation in the industry. Before delivery, they should go to the factory for inspection to ensure that the purchased products have no quality problems.


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