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Precautions for Customized LED Display Screen Inte
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Precautions for Customized LED Display Screen Intelligent Distribution Cabinet
LED display screens are large electronic devices, and good power distribution equipment is one of the important conditions for the system to achieve reliable operation. LED display screens are powered by a large number of switching power supplies, with capacitive loads. When the screen is started, the instantaneous current is extremely high, which can easily impact the power grid and cause damage to electrical equipment. Therefore, for display screens with a power exceeding 20KW, a distribution cabinet with distributed and step-by-step power on function should be equipped. The distribution equipment provides sufficient power for the operation of LED rental screens. The distribution equipment adopts an AC three-phase five wire system, and the LED display screen distribution cabinet divides the three-phase into three phases with zero voltage for display screen use. The distribution equipment can be remotely controlled in the control room to switch on and off the LED display screen.
In order to help the LED display screen operate better, only by continuously developing, improving and upgrading the LED distribution cabinet, and continuously enhancing the various performance of the distribution cabinet, can we meet the requirements of the LED display screen distribution equipment. In order to facilitate customers to understand LED dedicated distribution boxes and make better choices, Wuyi Electric has summarized the key information that needs to be provided for customized LED display distribution cabinets based on years of development experience in distribution cabinets and practical applications of LED displays.
1. The size of the distribution cabinet box. LED display screens with different power sizes have different installation dimensions when using distribution cabinets, so accurate distribution box dimensions can save installation space and control costs.
2. The power and number of circuits of the distribution box. Users can choose the number of power configuration circuits based on the display screen of different areas, and can customize 0-250KW. If the appropriate power distribution cabinet is not selected for the LED display screen, a short circuit or open circuit will occur during the operation of the LED display screen, which will affect the operation of the equipment.
3. Electricity consumption characteristics. Fully consider the electrical characteristics of LED display screens, such as high surge current, and the distribution box can effectively reduce the load by adopting a multi-stage partition power supply method.
4. Control method of distribution box. The control methods of the LED display panel distribution cabinet are diverse, and can use PLC, multifunctional card system, microcomputer time control switch, button power on, manual on-site control, etc.
5. Distribution box box type. According to the installation environment of LED display screens, different materials and types of distribution boxes (cabinets) should be selected. The distribution control box (cabinet) installed on LED outdoor screens should have dust, rain, and electric shock protection functions on its outer shell, and the protection level should not be lower than IP43. There should be a water leakage outlet at the lower part of the box (cabinet) bottom.
6. Lightning protection devices for distribution cabinets. Generally, LED display screen manufacturers will consider the safety of display screen applications, so they will consider installing lightning protection devices for distribution boxes, selecting appropriate lightning arresters, and solving the interference problem of power supply equipment encountering lightning outside the room.
7. Brand of internal components in the distribution cabinet. To fully consider the reliability of the distribution box, the selection of the main component brands inside the distribution box product affects the power supply system of the display screen.
The information required for customizing LED display panel distribution cabinets is not comprehensive enough. Overall, customized LED display panel distribution cabinets are designed and manufactured according to customer requirements, and professional engineers design more suitable distribution devices based on engineering characteristics to effectively improve the power supply of LED display screens and ensure reliable power supply guarantee.

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